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Terms of service

Car rental terms at Max-Auto LLC

Lease terms

  • Minimum age is 25 years and a valid national driver’s license, which has been held for at least 3 years.
  • For countries not included in the international Convention on Road Traffic of 8 November 1968, a translation of a driver’s license in the Russian language with an explanation of categories.
  • valid passport.
  • valid credit card.

Terms and conditions / value of deposit

  • The amount of rent a car includes:
    • unlimited mileage
    • CDW
    • TP
  • Payment is made in Russian roubles. You can pay by cash or credit card: Visa, Master Card.
  • At lease the renter must pay a deposit car category, respectively.
  • Ways to make a deposit: be blocked on the renter’s valid credit card.
Amount of deposit
Car modelAmount of depositType of reservation
SKODA FABIA6.000,00 RUBCredit card
FORD FOCUS III8.000,00 RUBCredit card
FORD MONDEO / VW PASSAT12.000,00 RUBCredit card
FORD GALAXY15.000,00 RUBCredit card
HYUNDAI H-1 (STAREX)22.000,00 RUBCredit card
MERCEDES BENZ E20030.000,00 RUB.Credit card

Terms of insurance for car rental

The Company provides insurance coverage for persons using the vehicle with its permissions (and not otherwise) in accordance with an automobile liability insurance policy of the Russian Federation.

  • In the case of operating a vehicle in violation of the terms of the lease car and / or conditions of insurance — insurance coverage does not apply.

  • Examples of such exceptions are:
    • transportation of hazardous and flammable substances;
    • car use for commercial purposes without prior consent;
    • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or refusal to perform the survey on the state of intoxication.

Reduced liability

iability for collision /damage to the vehicle and liability for theft of it may be limited to the amount stated in Company’s current tariff if the Renter accepts CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and TP (Theft Protection), which limits Renter’s responsibility in case of damage or theft of the vehicle; by initialing the space «Accept» on the front page and paying the daily charge specified. The Renter could be fully released from responsibility in case of collision/damage of the vehicle if the Renter accepts SCDW (Super-Collision Damage waiver). Both CDW (SCDW) and TP are not insurance. SCDW does not cover broken /lost keys and documents of rented vehicle, damaged/broken windows, lost/stolen portable navigation system or car audio, damaged alloy wheels and tires.

In the event of loss of property / theft / damage to the tenant’s responsibility in the following amounts:

  • SKODA FABIA — 6.000,00 RUB.
  • FORD FOCUS III — 8.000,00 RUB.
  • FORD MONDEO / VW PASSAT — 12.000,00 RUB.
  • FORD GALAXY — 15.000,00 RUB.
  • HYUNDAI H-1 (STAREX) — 22.000,00 RUB.
  • MERCEDES BENZ E200  — 30.000,00 RUB.

 In the case of an insured event the renter must immediately report the incident to the representative of the Max-Auto call the emergency and follow the instructions of the employee.

Renter shall provide the relevant documents (certificates) confirming the loss occurrence. In case of failure, the tenant shall be liable in full. The renter shall be liable in full for any breach of the lease car and / or insurance regulations. If the amount of collateral does not cover the amount of damage caused to the lessor, the renter is obliged to pay damages to the extent not covered by the pledge.

Submission or return vehicles

During business hours c 09:00 to 20:00

  • The agreed supply and return locations (airport, train station, terminal, office) — FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Within the St. Petersburg city limit — FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Outside the ring road will be charged an additional 50,00 RUB per km.

After Hours

  • Within the St. Petersburg city limit delivery 1.500,00 RUB \ collection 1.000,00 RUB.
  • Outside the St. Petersburg city limit 1.500,00 RUB \ collection 1.000,00 RUB in additional 50,00 RUB per km.

Rent a car with a return in another city

In Russia

Rent a car with a return in another city is possible only with the concurrence is not earlier than 24 hours before the planned date of return on Tariffs:

  • St. Petersburg — Moscow — 8.500,00 RUB.
  • St. Petersburg — Vyborg — 3.500,00 RUB.

  • St. Petersburg — Ust-Luga — 3.500,00 RUB.
  • St. Petersburg — Pskov — 5.000,00 RUB.

  • St. Petersburg — Kingisepp — 3.500,00 RUB.

  • St. Petersburg — Kirishi — 3. 500,00 RUB.


Rent a car with the return of overseas impossible.

Extension of Lease

  • Extension of the lease within the Saint-Petersburg is FREE in consultation with the manager of the company.
  • Extension of lease documents for delivery outside the Ring Road will be charged 50,00 RUB per km.

Territorial restrictions and exploitation abroad

  • Check out the car outside the Russian Federation shall be allowed only under an additional agreement with the company.
  • Operation of the vehicle in some regions of Russia (the Republic of Adygea, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkar Republic, Republic of North Ossetia and Alania, Ingushetia, the Chechen Republic, Dagestan) is prohibited.

The fee for renting a car in certain offices

  • For renting a car at the airport / train station / Passenger Terminal will be charged a terminal fee 400,00 roubles.

Additional services and additional payments

The right to control an additional driver

  • For each additional authorized driver will be charged in 120,00 RUB. per day, but not more then 1.500,00 RUB. for all rental period.

The fee for refueling

  • The leased vehicle must be returned with the same volume of fuel with which he was transferred to the renter (full tank), otherwise a fee of 40,00 RUB. per liter of fuel refueling (rounded to the nearest division of the sensor and the fuel is calculated from the volume of the selected vehicle fuel tank). Can be used ONLY gasoline 95E and Diesel for Hyundai H-1 (Starex).

More options

According to «Our Services» All accessories subject to availability